The Marriage Pact

The Marriage Pact is a little far-fetched and a lot of fun! I really couldn’t put this one down and it kept me up much later than I should have been this week. I loved the originality of the plot, and I kept thinking about it long after I stopped reading.

Alice and Jake are newlyweds. Alice is a hardworking up and coming attorney who keeps long hours and Jake is a therapist with his own emerging practice. On a whim, Alice invites one of her prominent eccentric clients to their wedding and his gift results in them joining a group called The Pact.  

Enticed by its simple premise, the promise of a happy marriage, Alice and Jake eagerly sign the contracts securing their place in The Pact.

***Would you like your marriage to last forever? Are both of you willing to work to make your marriage last forever? Are you willing to accept help from friends if they have your success and happiness in mind?***

The Pact starts off innocuous enough, there is a manual, new friends, and fancy parties. The manual provides the road map for a successful marriage with great ideas such as giving your spouse a gift once per month and taking a trip once per quarter. The manual also includes guidelines about not working too much, and always answering the phone when your spouse calls. Jake and Alice quickly learn that there are many more rules, and significant consequences if they aren’t followed. 

This is where the story got a little implausible so you have to give into it. Why didn’t they call the police? Why didn’t they ask more questions? Why would a lawyer sign a contract so quickly? And is that contract really binding? If they had thought through all of this, it wouldn’t be much of a story!
This book reminded me of what I know about Scientology. I am a big fan of the Leah Remini series and have seen the Going Clear documentary. I recommend both. I won’t go into all the parallels as to not give too much away, but they are easy to spot in the book.

The Marriage Pact is suspenseful and original. If you are looking for a realistic plausible story where all of the loose ends are tied up in the last chapter, this isn’t your book. If you want to read about the imperfections in marriage, a mysterious organization with unexplained power, and a secret society of Friends who are anything but, then you will love this just as much as I did!

Best paired with a Baileys & hot chocolate and some French toast!

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4 out of 5 bottles